Success Stories

Some things we’re proud of at Blockchain for Climate.


Our work featured in Forbes


Our team was very proud to have Blockchain for Climate Foundation featured in an article by Dr. Jemma Green, a powerhouse in the space, and co-founder of Powerledger. Writing for Forbes, Dr. Green’s article highlighted our work on “Putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain.”

The article explores our forays into developing Non-Fungible Tokens, Cryptocomposable Tokens and Unique Fungible Tokens as the units of account, allowing each tonne of emissions reductions to be tracked back to its genesis, while intermingled with other tonnes from around the world. We were interviewed along with Poseidon, who are putting carbon offsets on the blockchain, enabling micro-payments and broader uptake of high-quality ecosystem-based offsets.

In response to the Paris Agreement, Canada-based Blockchain for Climate Foundation is a not-for-profit startup focused on improving global carbon markets and are working on the architecture of a blockchain tool connecting country’s carbon accounts.

Founder Joseph Pallant explains that: “We want to support and accelerate this goal by building a smart contract protocol that tracks ITMOs leveraging the Ethereum technology stack and scales, to accommodate use by every country in the world. There will be enough data embedded in each of the tokens so the provenance and eligibility of each tonne of emission reductions is clear.”

“Distributed ledger technology is a huge asset in global carbon trading co-operation. The public and transparent nature of the information encourages collaboration across nations and strengthens trust in the system.  ” 

-Joseph Pallant. Founder - Blockchain for Climate Foundation


Blockchain for Climate at Asia Pacific Climate Week.


Canada’s High Commission to Singapore generously hosted Joseph Pallant, Founder of Blockchain for Climate Foundation in Singapore for Asia Pacific Climate Week. Meetings with government, the Energy Studies Institute and others were very productive.

Mr. Pallant moderated a panel on Blockchain for Climate Action at Singapore's Asia Pacific Climate Week July 12, 2018. It was exciting to welcome a range of blockchain + climate luminaries such as DAO IPCI's Alexey Shadrin, and BLOC's Deanna MacDonald.

Blockchain for Climate Action panel at Asia Pacific Climate Week in Singapore.

Blockchain for Climate Action panel at Asia Pacific Climate Week in Singapore.


Founder Speaks in Thailand on “Leadership in Energy Innovation”


Blockchain for Climate founder Joseph Pallant spoke May 23rd, 2018 in Bangkok at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Thailand’s inaugural sustainability luncheon on Leadership in Energy Innovation. We greatly appreciate the support of the Canadian Embassy in Thailand for supporting our trip out, and for the incredible meetings with government, business, academia and the UN.