Sponsor a Campaign

The Blockchain for Climate Foundation is working across a number of fronts to manifest the goal of connecting the National Carbon Accounts of all the world with blockchain. If you are able to help support any of the individual, key facets of this work, we’d love to talk. Get in touch at info@blockchainforclimate.org


Canadian National Account Partnership

Blockchain for Climate Foundation is partnering with a Canadian Charity to roll out the first deployment of our blockchain technology on an individual National Carbon Account. The Foundation’s initial task of connecting all of the National Carbon Accounts from all the countries of the world will be closely followed by work to allow national governments to report their individual National Carbon Account natively on the blockchain. We’re getting a jump on that task through an exciting partnership with this Canadian Charity. Check back for more details soon.

Building the Blockchain Tech

ETH PARIS Diamond.jpeg

We’re very excited to be developing tools on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology. Innovation in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Cryptocomposable Tokens (cNFTs) and Unique Fungible Tokens (UFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain let us track every tonne of CO2 from its source, through national account, to global footprint. A “Proof of Authority” (PoA) consensus algorithm will be used, allowing all participating nations to run a validation node and be part of securing the blockchain. If you’d like to sponsor or support this work in a conventional or novel fashion, we’d be delighted.


National Party Working Group

We are convening a working group of around a half dozen National Parties (governments) to help vision, build and establish this tool to put the Paris Agreement on the blockchain. As the ultimate end users of this tool, who better to guide its development? If your country would like to help light the way for collaboration on fighting climate change, please get in touch. If you or your organization would like to help support a country’s engagement in this process, your sponsorship would be greatly appreciated.

Building up the Foundation

We’ve established the Blockchain for Climate Foundation to help put the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain. The blockchain technical development and UNFCCC/Paris Agreement structure are the body of our work. Engagement with National Parties (governments) drive the soul of our work. The beating heart of a successful, passionate, connected Foundation will be the “make it or break it” of the work that stands before us. Help us build the Blockchain for Climate Foundation into the sustainable, well run, well resourced entity it can be.