Blockchain for Climate
Blockchain for Climate
Helping mint successful climate initiatives on the blockchain.

Blockchain for ClimAte

Putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain


Blockchain for Climate solves complex climate challenges utilizing blockchain technology. We're a team of leaders from the cryptocurrency, climate and technology communities, striving to stitch these disciplines together. We collaborate to accelerate the flow of ideas, best practices and shared wisdom towards building successful blockchain initiatives in carbon pricing, emissions tracking and climate action. In kind, we help interested parties understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain so that all may become effective participants in this emerging realm.

Our team has focused on the "killer use case" for blockchain, in regards to climate action. Putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain. You can read more about our mission and path at:

Putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain


Putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain Part II - Introducing the BITMO

The promise of blockchain is high. It allows for transparency, efficiency, security and most importantly trust between two parties without a central third party involved. Ultimately this will transform transactions, governance and regulatory structures across all sectors. We already see innovative use cases in action across the globe, including emerging markets, in carbon, energy, supply chain and financial transactions. Accelerating these solutions is key to promoting the paradigm shift required for climate resilient development.

Blockchain for Climate is here to guide technologists, governments and investors to deliver transformative projects that positively impact the economy and the climate.

Action areas





● Connecting the carbon markets of all countries in the world under the Paris Agreement will need extremely robust, intelligent, right-sized tools. Our team is helping launch the current suite of blockchain climate tools, and digging in to develop what's next. 
● Developing use-cases to demonstrate project and technological feasibility.
● Utilizing available blockchain for climate services for user experience (UX) testing and feedback. (And really, it's great to stay abreast of what people are developing.)

● Calculating, tracking and trading emissions on the blockchain.
● Structuring climate regulations and compliance mechanisms for a decentralized world.
● Enterprise climate risk mitigation.
● Monitoring, Reporting and Verification for emissions reductions, land use and natural capital applications.


● Work with UNFCCC, governments & multilateral institutions to develop blockchain use-cases and strategies that achieve climate, social and environmental outcomes.
● Better Impact Investing in climate and natural capital through blockchain.
● Develop blockchain solutions for social and environmental good, enabling different stakeholders to understand, deploy and pick the best blockchain technology.



● Helping build the best tools to connect carbon offset projects to the blockchain.
● Breaking down barriers to carbon market participation with blockchain & IoT
● Transitioning the best elements of carbon offsets into Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes, connecting capital to global emissions reductions opportunities.
● Developing blockchain tools for REDD+ and natural capital applications.


Effectively using blockchain to address climate change requires a rapid, massively distributed run up a steep learning curve. Members of the team actively teach the fundamentals of blockchain, climate, and sometimes both, to audiences around the world.





Building a community of practitioners dedicated to building climate solutions on the blockchain. Climate experts and blockchain practitioners have tended to inhabit distinct, complex worlds. Convening these two camps, with an eye to learning and collaboration can help create a better future.


Our Services


Blockchain + Climate Advisory

Advising blockchain companies on strategic organisational and business strategy including board management and advisory, business development, fundraising, communications and governance

Community Building

Convening participants from the climate & energy worlds, with blockchain & technology specialists to build collaborative initiatives. Deliver meetups, social events, membership activities and professional association development.

Robust carbon and energy market analysis

With many new blockchain use-cases emerging every day, Blockchain for Climate can help flesh out key elements, and build whole projects from the ground up.

Research provision

With PhD, MA, BA, BSc and MBA degrees held across Computer Science, Biology, Urban Planning, Northern Environmental Studies, Marketing, Development & Policy, Community Psychology and Big Data Analytics - we possess the research methods, insight and analytical skills to help explore your tough questions.

Blockchain Education

Team members produce and deliver a variety of “Introduction to Ethereum” and “Introduction to Cryptocurrencies” workshops weekly in Vancouver, Canada. Organize and deliver blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences around North America, conference speaking, moderation and participation on panels.

Market analysis + research

Conducting research and analysis on emerging business models, customer uptake and investment activity that use blockchain to have a positive impact on the climate.