Blockchain for Climate Foundation

Putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain


Catalyzing climate action by connecting the national carbon accounts of the world.

Ethereum on London

The Blockchain Technology

Innovation in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Cryptocomposable Tokens (cNFTs) and Unique Fungible Tokens (UFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain let us track every tonne of CO2 from its source, through national account, to global footprint. Deployment of a “Proof of Authority” (PoA) consensus algorithm allows all participating nations to run a validation node and be part of securing the blockchain.


National Parties Working Group

We are convening a working group of National Parties (governments) to help vision, build and establish this tool to put the Paris Agreement on the blockchain. As the ultimate end users of this tool, who better to guide its development?

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Paris Rulebook/Article 6 Task Team

Our mission is to build a blockchain tool to catalyze Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and manifest the goals of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This can only be achieved with the expertise, dedication and knowledge of those who live and breathe this space.

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Canadian Carbon Account Working Group

Canada is the focus of our initial work to put an individual National Carbon Account on the Blockchain. By undertaking this work on Canada’s Account, we aim to unlock a massive shift towards investment in landscape-based projects, triggered in 2017 by Canada inclusion of “anthropogenic landscape management” carbon emissions on its National Carbon Account.


The Blockchain for Climate Foundation

We believe putting the Paris Agreement on the blockchain, connecting the national carbon accounts of the world is blockchain’s “killer app.” Deploying new blockchain tools to drive global collaboration on the urgent issue of climate change is the definition of innovation. One couldn’t ask for a better, more pressing task.


Foundation - Filings and Reporting

The Blockchain for Climate Foundation was formally established in 2018 in British Columbia, Canada, as a Member-Funded Society under the BC Societies Act. Official status reports, financial filings and annual reports will be found here as they accrue.