Founder Joseph Pallant cited in Forbes article.

January 21, 2019 - Vancouver.

Blockchain for Climate founder Joseph Pallant was interviewed and cited in a Forbes piece on “This Is What Some Experts Think Is Critical For Blockchain In 2019.”

“Joseph Pallant, Founder, Blockchain for Climate Foundation attended COP 24 in Katowice, Poland in December 2018 and said that one of the big failures of an otherwise good COP24 makes blockchain more crucial than ever.

"Article 6 is key for the climate fight because it's the part of the Paris Agreement that allows international collaboration on investment in emissions reductions," said Pallant. "Without it, investor nations cannot access the carbon credit that it deserves from the impacts of its investments. And in many cases, this credit is a key aspect of the value chain and business plan."

Pallant says without consensus on Article 6 at COP 24, the international community was unable to move forward this key collaboration mechanism.

"They had to punt it to COP25  in January 2020," added Pallant. "As a result, a whole scope of institutional and private investment in climate action just got sidelined for another 13 months. Given indications that 2021 was the earliest start date for international carbon trades under Article 6 before this setback, this is clearly a big issue."

Joseph Pallant